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bookmyjet proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for luxury and corporate private jet
charter services. We pride ourselves on offering a professional service.

Private Charter

Private Charter

Whether it is a romantic proposal, an engagement and wedding events, bookmyjet is here to offer you a memorable and luxurious flight with personalized services.

Executive charter

bookmyjet offers Corporate Group Charter flights for business meetings in air as well as corporate or business travel.

Helicopter charter

Book an Event Charter with bookmyjet in India and we will take away all your travel apprehensions to let you focus on your esteemed event.

Medical evacuation

bookmyjet offers Corporate Group Charter flights for business meetings in air as well as corporate or business travel.


We Fly You To Over 20.000 Destinations World Wide

Why bookmyjet ?

Someone has rightly said, “You have to rise up high to make the world realise you are an entity which is not bound to any limits.” Book my jet will give you wings via our professional business aircrafts, turboprops, and helicopters; all you have to do is fly!

Want to embrace the delightedness of private charters at an instance? BookMyJet app allows you the same. The app doesn’t only provide you with information of the fleet like seating capacity, number of engines in the plane, speed, avionics, endurance, etc. but you can even book your charter via the app. You can see live locations of the aircrafts across India along with their pictures of interiors and exteriors. Above mentioned are just few of the many key features of the app. The fact that only we can provide you with all such services at the tap of a button acts like the icing on the cake.

1) Get Charter Flights at the blink of an eye

See where you wish to fly using the Live Location feature that lists where all our helicopters, private aircraft are located on red time basis. Simplicity is the key feature of our app. It provides most accurate flight charter services where you can see flights in real-time and get details absolutely free. This also includes seating capacity, number of engines in the plane, speed, avionics, endurance, etc.
Buck up for the VIP privileges which is guaranteed because at BookMyJet the aircraft is all yours. Further, wave a goodbye to the long queues at airports. Simply drive up to your jet and fly away to your destination. We are affiliated with several similar agencies around the country so you can fly as early as possible.

Safety and Security

Who doesn't likes flying? Everyone does. But, is it really possible to fly without being apprehended?
Yes, it is! The app provides you the opportunity to live your dream in convenience and luxury, to go for your business meets on time with flexibility and efficiency, without even a single line of worry as 'we' are here for that.
Our fleet undergoes frequent checks and constant maintenance, this lets us meet the stringent global specifications and international safety standards. Pilot certificates and credentials, maintenance records, upgradation of technology, interior and exterior aesthetics always tops our to-do list. Ultimately you can experience the new era of flying with full safety and security

Large fleet of aircraft

BookMyJet app gives you VIP access to lists of aircraft , turbo propellers and helicopters including single or twin engines. You can even preview the exterior, interior floor plans of all aircraft listed on our apps.

Save more by flying more

BookMyJet app offers you great savings each time you charter directly via your phone. Prices are listed along with the other information so you no longer have to wait for the responses from private jet charter companies. You can even customise flights, get express routes, and additional flexibility in a flash.

Competitive price along with convenience & luxury

BookMyJet is the only charter flight service where you will find the most reasonable prices. This wouldn’t have been possible without the buying power that we have built up over the years. Apart from this, the contribution of our goodwill among the industry peers has also aided us tremendously.

Have an exhilarating experience

We don’t only believe in the philosophy of being the best but also in delivering the best to you. For this, we have equipped our team with experienced ground engineers, pilots, cabin crew, all trained in managing private jets and flights. They plan out your flight so that you get what works for you combined with your money’s worth.

Be connected at all times

Another benefit that the app offers is that we are always connected to you and you can reach us 24*7 with whatever queries you have. We will gladly assist you in every possible way so that you can make changes to your charter, get all what you need when you’re in the air, and have a smoother & faster flight, along with a safe arrival.