Frequently Asked Questions :

Helicopters can fly between sunrise and sunset. Aircraft can fly at night provided the starting point and the destination has night landing facilities.

Charges are generally applicable at hourly rates. Rates vary from model/ make/ type/ capacity of an aircraft / helicopter.

We have aircraft that can carry minimum 4 to maximum 17 guests. The number of passengers that can be carried depends on the length of the flight and the elevation of the landing site assuming the average weight of the passenger to be 65 kg and the average weight of baggage per passenger to be 5 kg.

Charters can be booked at any time,but confirmation is strictly subject to the availability of the aircraft. For operating a flight to any defence airport with foreign nationals on board, we need at least 48 hours notice. It could even take longer notice period when we are flying to airports like Goa and Jaisalmer, which requires 4-7 working days to obtain permissions.

The charter will be confirmed subject to 100% payment in advance either by cheque or demand draft or RTGS or NEFT. Foreign exchange payments may be effected through wire transfer.

We recommend arriving atleast 30 mins prior to planned departure.

We serve light refreshments like dryfruits,cookies,chocolates,candies and fruit juices on board. Other refreshments like breakfast/ lunch/ liquor can be requested.

We charge for crew boarding,lodging and local transportation,if not taken care by the client.

An typical helicopter travels at 80 kts (145 kmph) to 120 kts (220 kmph). An typical turboprop aeroplane travels at 220 kts (400 kmph) to 300 kts (550 kmph). An average business jet travels at 450 kts (920 kmph). This depends upon the model/make/ capacity of the aircraft.

As the name suggests, a single engine aircraft is powered by a single engine when compared to a twin-engineaircraft which is powered by two engines. However both are equal in terms of safety and versatility.

Watch hour extension charges are the charges charged on actuals payable to the airport authorities for flights departing/ arriving beyond the regular duty timings, which vary from airport to airport.

All flights are planned assuming an average weight of the passengers as 65 Kilos. Passengers weighing above can be accommodated subject to the total weight of the passengers flying on board does not exceed the stipulated total limit. Baggage size are restricted, this (along with dimensions and weights) will have to be informed to us while stating the requirement.

Hand baggage less then or equal to 5 kgs

Goods other than those deemed dangerous by the aviation authorities are permitted on board

Yes, Properly contained/ caged pets are allowed on board. This is subject to nature of the pet and clearance from a local vet doctor.

The charter service is planned to suit the need and convenience of the customer. Based on desired itinerary a customized solution is offered.

A charter is planned with a standard flight-cockpitcrew as permittedby DGCA. The duty time is restricted be applicable crew duty limitation regulations. Should there be any circumstances or changes in the flight schedule or routing, which exceed the maximum crew duty time, a second flight crew may be needed and will be invoiced as separate costs to be paid by the client.

Name, sectors, no.of pax, passport details(in case of foreign nationals), weight of the baggage, co-ordinates of the place (incase of helicopters).

Yes, this is subject to the model/ make/ type of the aircraft and its capability.